Tested devices

It is not easy task to develop for mobiles. The main problems - several mobile & desktop operation systems, many different devices, screen sizes and resolutions, browsers, support for orientation changes.

Our solution was extensively tested with major mobile systems - iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Also it runs well on desktop systems - Windows & Mac OS.

Below is subset of popular devices which we own and use for testing regularly. Press "»" link - to see photo of device. On next image you can see device's "About" page.

AppleiPhone 5C4"iOS7.1.1Apple A62 x 1.3 GHz»
AppleiPad mini 27.9"iOS8.2Apple A72 x 1.4 GHz»
AppleiPod 2nd gen3.5"iOS4.2.1Samsung S5L87201 x 533 MHz»
AppleiPod 4th gen3.5"iOS6.1.6Apple A41 x 800 MHz»
GoogleNexus 55"Android5.0Snapdragon 8004 x 2.3 GHz»
GoogleNexus 98.9"Android5.0Nvidia Tegra K12 x 2.3 GHz»
GoogleNexus S4"Android2.3Exynos 31101 x 1 GHz»
SamsungGalaxy Tab S 8.48.4"Android4.4Exynos 54204 x 1.9 + 4 x 1.3 GHz»
Nokia6254.7"Win Phone8.1Snapdragon 4002 x 1.2 GHz»