In most cases, we can prepare a working version for free. It all depends on your data feed. To find out, you can give us the data feed via registration form or via email.

Prices for our service

Preparation work - from $100. Price depends - on the complexity of a data feed (~amount of "problems") and the number of products.

What will be done:

  • analysis and import of your data feed
  • import all product images, resizing each image into 4 scales (icon, small, medium and large) to optimize the download speed for mobile devices
  • preparation of the mobile site, integration of your icon and logo, adding the necessary documents (eg About Us, How to Buy, Payment, Shipping, Size Chart, ..)
  • prepare 3-mobile applications, successful submission to App Store, Play Market and Win Store
    you will not need to open developer accounts and we will save your money to submit under ours (≥$143 = iOS $99/year + Android $25 + Win Phone $19)
    also, we will save your time, because submission is not an easy process
  • assistance and the proposed design how to add links to your site to the mobile site and mobile apps (article)
  • help to implement redirect from your site to the mobile site for mobile users (article)


  • for mobile applications we need your icon with size 1024 x 1024 px. If size of your icon is much smaller, then we can prepare it for $10

Technical Support - from $100/year. The price depends on the number of products and the frequency of data feed updates.

What will be done:

  • periodic re-import of your data feed and product images
  • hosting the necessary data for service to work
  • updates according to new versions of operating systems, browsers, etc.
  • bug fixes

Price for our service are much lower than the price of the adaptation of an existing site or developing a new mobile website or mobile application, support and continuous testing for new mobile devices and operating systems.

In order to start - we need only your products data feed. We support many formats and adding new.

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