Experimental features

In order to help shoppers find products implemented a number of experimental features. They are not enabled by default.

These features are designed by us and we have never seen like this in any other solutions. Therefore, we believe that they are unique.

Exclude mode

Used to quickly exclude (do not show) products, with selected attribute values. For example - exclude products, with Brand = DELL. Example of use:

Preferred mode

Used for most accurate selection of products, even if product does not meet all filter attributes. You can select the filter value as the preferred.

Total Relevance is calculated for each product and products are sorted by it in descending order. As a result, products that do not match the preferred attribute values remain in the result, but appear later products that meet. For each product, you can see the resulting relevance and the description of how it was calculated.

Preferred Advanced mode

In a (Simple) Preferred mode, the relevance of each filter value is the same. Advanced mode allows to explicitly assign relevance to each filter value. Possible relevance values are from 1 to 9, can be set using slider. Total Relevance is calculated similar as in Simple mode, but using assigned Relevances for each filter value.

Simultaneous use of all modes

For full flexibility it is possible to use all modes all together.